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Bein Hakolot

In a unique and exciting evening we will put your story on stage through words and songs



Welcome to the website of Bein hakolot! (Among the Voices) Glad you came :)

Bein Hakolot (Among the voices) - A community process through events combined with personal stories and singing together. Unique and significant tool to strengthen the community anchor. It combines content, encounter, honesty and a lot of spirit.

I invite you to find yourself among the voices of the community. Through a community event that combines personal stories and singing together.


More than 10 years of expiriance with communities, organizations, summits and families.

I hope to see you soon, among the voices (Bein Hakolot).

Bien venidos a la pagina de web de Bein Hakolot (Entre las voces). Me alegro verlos aca :)

“Bein Hakolot” (Entre las voces)- procesos comunitarios a través de eventos combinados con historias personales y canto en conjunto. Heramienta única y significativa para fortalecer el ancla de la comunidad. combina contenido, encuentro, honestidad y mucho espíritu.

Los invito a encontrarse entre las voces de la comunidad. A traves de un evento comunitario que combina historias personales y cantando en conjunto.


Mas de 10 anos de experiencia con communidades, organizaciones, congresos y familias.

espero verlos pronto, y encontrarnos - Entre Las Voces

A short video that explains how it works

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Un breve vídeo que explica cómo funciona

live your details and i'll be back as soon as possible

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